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A dental practice catered to Whatcom County.

Dental care for Bellingham, WA is our mission. We provide dental care that is affordable, advanced, and above all service driven to cater to all ages. From dental teeth cleanings to cosmetic dentistry to dental implants to affordable dentures to teeth whitening we help all families. We are a family dentist providing family dentistry. Unlike dental clinics we help low income families and provide dental discounts for adults and pediatrics. We offer complimentary consultations just for dropping by. If you need affordable dental care just call the Bellingham Dental Group at (360) 734-6190.
  • Dr. Haley and his team are fantastic, truly dedicated to creating a welcoming and comfortable dental environment. I had only ever been to my family dentist, so finding a new dentist in Bellingham was a big change--however, I have not regretted the experience at all! As soon as you walk in, you can tell that you will be receiving quality care. They use up-to-date technology, and were very thorough in explaining the required procedures, evening going so far as to show me each of the problem teeth and explaining the treatment process. I highly recommend Dr. Haley and his team.
    Alyssa Jones
  • Moved to Bellingham a couple years ago and was looking for a family dentist in the area. I called a couple places under my insurance and they all said that they weren't taking any new patients. I was about to quit the search until I got referred to Dr. Haley from a coworker. I called in, said I was a new patient and hoping to get in for a simple cleaning. The lady on the phone worked with my schedule and lucky for me they just got a cancellation and I was able to come in the next day. When I got there, the staff was really friendly and took care of all my questions. Right when I sat in the chair, Dr. Haley was incredibly knowledgeable and explained everything that he was seeing in the xrays. At other places, they just point at something and you take your word for it. I liked how Dr. Haley walked me through each picture and explained what I was looking at without the technical doctor jargon. At my previous dentists, I always felt like I was going into a "used car" sales pitch and find ways they can have me do more operations with them. With Dr. Haley, he never pressured me in doing more than I need and provided me options on my next steps, as well as guiding me on what I should prioritize. On top of all that, he is very personable and experienced. I highly recommend Bellingham Dental Group. They have all up to date equipment, great customer service, and experienced service.
    Nathan Panelo
  • My search is over! I have been in Bellingham for a few years now, but have struggled to settle in. I've tried a few different dentists in the area. Most have talked to me in medical terms that I don't understand, while trying to convince me to have procedures that I don't need. I finally got to the hopeless, breaking point and began to vent to a coworker. He had been a patient of Bellingham Dental Group and strongly recommended trying them out. My skepticism was immediately put to rest when I walked through the door. The entire staff is warm and welcoming. Parker put me at ease by listening to my concerns, talking me through every step he was taking, showing me pictures of my teeth, and giving it to me straight about necessary actions versus options that were just for glam. He and his staff are not only extremely knowledgeable and provide amazing service, but they make you laugh along the way! I never thought I would get to the point where I was actually happy about going to the dentist. I would absolutely recommend Bellingham Dental Group, they will make you feel at home.
    Jocylynn Kelley
  • I recently had my first appointment with Dr. Haley and I was quite impressed. His staff was helpful, they got me in quickly even though I gave them little notice and Dr. Haley himself took his time to help inform me of his process and my options for care. I couldn't have been more impressed with my appointment.
    Nickolas Sanchez
  • Dr. Haley is a fantastic dentist. He really makes his patients feel comfortable from the get go. He also utilizes the latest equipment which enables patients to be able to see multiple images of what is actually going on with their teeth. Any work that is needed is clearly laid out leaving no surprises. I highly recommend Dr. Haley.
    Melissa Racouillat
  • So I went to a new dentist yesterday and they were fantastic. I don't have dental insurance and they worked with me and made it affordable to get the things I needed done. The Dr is wonderful and the staff is amazing. If you don't have a dentist or even if you do, you have to try Dr. Parker Haley.
    Dee Loynd
  • I feel very comfortable with Dr. Haley and with the staff. Everyone is patient and very friendly... Dr. Haley was also very understanding and patient when I had trouble breathing through my nose.
  • Very friendly and informative staff. Dr. Haley does an excellent job explaining dental treatments and options so patients can understand dental procedures.
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